Introductory post

Hello and welcome to my new blog.

The name Blitter is meant to be a play on blog and twitter, I like twitter but get frustrated by the 140 character limit and wanted something a bit more flexible. Blitter is also a real word – well in the tech world anyway – made most famous by the Commodore Amiga computer – wiki

Twisted? Well hopefully not! It’s just a play on words…

The first blitter chip in a personal computer - "Fat Agnus" from the Commodore Amiga


  1. binx says:

    I mis-read the Blitter at first. Thought maybe you were a fan of this?

    Maybe you could be now!

  2. Blitter says:

    I was worried that would happen!

    I once used the user name Paradroid on a forum, and most people thought it was Paranoid!!! Doh!

    That ale looks like serious stuff…

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