Digg fail

Digg released their iPhone app in March 2010. I installed it and started using it soon after, and really liked it. It was perfect for killing time – you know what it’s like when you’re on public transport or waiting for an appointment, and a read of a quick story is just what you need. Digg is ideal because you get a nice selection of popular stories that the users submit.

A couple of months ago the app died. It crashed on startup every time. After a few weeks of disappointment I reported the issue to Digg. They said they were aware of the issue and pointed me to a page on their site. Apparently an API update that Digg put out broke their own iPhone app. How on earth could they get into a situation like that?

It’s now mid-October and the iPhone app is still broken. You can’t try the old uninstall/install trick because it’s been removed from the App Store. A third party offers a premium Digg client but he has had to place disclaimers on the description page for the app pointing out that the Digg API changes are causing issues in his app too.

In Web 2.0 terminology: digg = epic fail!!!

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