Monthly Archives: December 2010

Microsoft’s operating system strategy – this must be wrong?

Word on tech street this week is that Microsoft is looking to make a significant change with the next release  of Windows and make it available on the ARM processor architecture as well as x86/x64. The original Bloomberg story hints … Continue reading

Movie review: The Town

Ben Affleck’s second directing effort is a crime drama set in the Boston neighbourhood of Charlestown, following the career of a crew of bank robbers led by Doug MacRay (Affleck). The film opens with a hit on a bank where … Continue reading

Cars: The Chrysler 300C is not a Bentley

I’ve always liked the Chrysler 300C – the reviews say it’s not that great from behind the wheel but it’s made-for-gangsters styling is nicely done and translates well outside of the US, which is usually a problem with American cars. … Continue reading

Movie review: The Expendables

One Saturday morning back in the summer I saw one of those cheaply-produced movie shows that mostly consists of trailers for upcoming films and – if you’re lucky – an interview with one of the stars. There was a piece … Continue reading

The best Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas experience (in 2010)

After completing GTA IV and the Liberty City stories, there didn’t seem many options left for getting a GTA fix. But there was one interesting possibility: due to my lost decade of gaming I’d never played GTA: San Andreas, and … Continue reading

Call of Duty: Black Ops – campaign story

I’ve recently blogged a full review of  Black Ops, where it came in for some criticism for dated graphics and poor computer AI. Although I felt the game is of fairly average quality, one high point for me is well fleshed out … Continue reading