Monthly Archives: March 2011

Has Microsoft turned a corner?

Showing off the Windows Phone product range Spend time using the Windows Phone OS and it can be hard to comprehend that it’s a Microsoft product.┬áNot only is it a break from the past, it’s a break from anything else … Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 NoDo update review

Windows Phone users have been desperate to get their hands on the first major update (codenamed NoDo), hoping that it will resolve a number of annoying v1.0 niggles as well as delivering the promised copy/paste feature. NoDo still no go … Continue reading

Morecambe – worth another look

Today we visited Morecambe and it was a surprisingly pleasant experience thanks to the rejuvenated Midland Hotel on the sea front. I first went to see this art deco masterpiece in 2003 when it was still boarded up and surrounded … Continue reading

Changes afoot – blog migration to WordPress

Over the next week I’m going to migrate this blog over to a WordPress site. Blogger has been perfect for getting up and running quickly but it’s starting to look limited. Getting something simple like a tag cloud working was … Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 problems: account management and music playback

Windows Phone is a great smartphone platform and even in it’s first release does quite a few things better than the competition, but things are not perfect by a long way. My previous reviews have already mentioned a couple of … Continue reading

In the D part three: decline of the American auto industry

In this post I’ll be looking at the declining fortunes of the American auto industry brought about by a combination of external factors and an inability to move with the times. When the best is too good – advanced technology … Continue reading

Space Shuttle Discovery completes final mission

Yesterday the Space Shuttle Discovery touched down at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida and completed it’s final mission. It brings to a close an amazing record of service which began with it’s delivery to NASA in October 1983 in … Continue reading