Changes afoot – blog migration to WordPress

Over the next week I’m going to migrate this blog over to a WordPress site. Blogger has been perfect for getting up and running quickly but it’s starting to look limited. Getting something simple like a tag cloud working was a faff but a bigger issue is not being able to do something fairly straightforward like related posts – important for when there’s a series of items on the same topic. Blogger doesn’t support this directly so JavaScript hacks are required.

WordPress is going to be running on Windows rather than the usual Linux, which has thrown up a few pemissions problems and URL rewriting was a bit tricky to get working. This is mostly solved so all that remains is to get all my Blogger content across. The WordPress import tool does a great job and gets you most of the way there in a few minutes, but unfortunately it doesn’t bring images across so a bit more work will be required. There is an image importer plugin available which will hopefully so that might do the trick.

When the WordPress site is up and running I’ll switch DNS over and fingers crossed all will be well.

Apologies for the hassle but if you wouldn’t mind re-following the new blog I’d really appreciate it. RSS feed URL’s will probably need updating too.

See you on the other side!

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