Monthly Archives: April 2011

Windows Phone 7 game prices

Many people who give Windows Phone 7 a try are impressed by the phone’s slick user interface but one area that’s hard to defend is the pricing of Marketplace applications – games in particular. I was holding off blogging about … Continue reading

Technology that changed gaming #2: The Commodore Amiga

The Commodore Amiga is one of the gaming’s most iconic and affectionately remembered systems, and was a landmark computer in every respect. When it arrived in 1985 it was so far ahead of the competition that it appeared to be from … Continue reading

The increasing influence of Blitter and Twisted!

On March 10th I published a quick post about the space shuttle Discovery completing it’s final mission. The writing was rushed but one part that took absolutely ages was finding what I thought was an inspiring picture of the shuttle … Continue reading

Technology that changed gaming #3: The Apple iPhone

The iPhone has made top-notch gaming available on the go – without having to carry a chunky pouch containing a dedicated device and cartridges. Hardly anyone carries a separate phone and PDA these days, and it will eventually become rare … Continue reading

htc HD7 Windows Phone 7 handset review

The HD7 is a large Windows Phone 7 device with a 4.3in screen. It is one of the original Windows Phone launch devices and in the UK is exclusively available only on O2 – a network which offers no other … Continue reading

Technology that changed gaming #4: Sega System 16 arcade boards

These days, gaming at home on the latest PC or a seventh generation console is as good as it gets, but it wasn’t always like that. Back in the mid-to-late 1980’s, arcade machines were far more powerful than home computers of … Continue reading