Monthly Archives: May 2011

Exclusive: Interview with Windows Phone game developer 2 Ton Studios

Stephen Danton runs 2 Ton Studios – creators of some of the most popular and exciting indie games currently available in the Windows Phone marketplace. He develops games in his free time outside of a day job as a User … Continue reading

Buying controllers for the original Xbox

When I bought my Xbox back in January it came with the original chunky controller. It’s a beast, and stories of hand cramp after prolonged sessions are no exaggeration. To make matters worse, the four main buttons are in an … Continue reading

Halo: Combat Evolved review

Reading a review of the first Halo game for the original Xbox in 2011 is probably a bit disorienting. Have you stepped into a ten year timewarp, or is there a more simple explanation? Regrettably, I experienced a lost decade … Continue reading