A belated update – two wheels better?

They say never start with an apology, so I won’t say sorry for not posting anything for the last three months! I’m not quite sure where the time went and I should really have kept up the rate of articles becauseĀ it felt like the site was on a roll after publishing some great comments from Stephen Danton in the 2Ton interview.

One of the main reasons I’ve not been blogging is that I bought a bike (one with an engine) and – as a 36yr old complete newbie – I’ve been busy in the light summer evenings learning to ride it. It a skill with a lot of depth to it – far more than driving a car I would say – and although it’s definitely not the safest form of transport it can be magnificent fun on the right road with the right weather. I think the best way to describe it compared to a car is that you feel like you’re travelling in your own right as part of the vehicle rather than just sitting inside it.

My bike is a Yamaha YBR125 – one of the most basic bikes around, but one of the best learner rides. It’s an L-Plate friendly 10bhp 125cc engine which pulls well up to about 50mph but after that it’s a long haul to a maximum speed of about 60mph. As such, you can forget motorways on a YBR 125, or any 4-stroke 125 for that matter.

As well as the odd off-topic article about the motorbike I have a few other things planned including:

  • A review of L.A. Noire
  • A review of the HP Touchpad and it’s WebOS operating system
  • Why I finally had to leave Windows Phone 7 behind
  • What I think of Android
  • The story about how a certain UK-based web host broke my site, dropped it out of Google and I had to move it elsewhere.
  • A Halo3:ODST review – I haven’t started playing this yet but hope it’s good because I love the Halo universe.
  • Some info about an article I’ve written for the official show magazine for REPLAY 2011 in Blackpool.



  1. Binks says:

    Excellent, welcome back.

    Here’s hoping your post rate increases, otherwise we might get your REPLAY info in time for the 2012 show!

  2. Dorian Farrimond says:

    Thanks – I definitely need to give myself a kick up the ass!

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