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The future of Windows: Linux and a built-in Xbox?

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how Windows could move to a Linux kernel, as a cost-saving strategy for Microsoft. Windows would be rebuilt as a custom GUI layer and set of services that runs on top … Continue reading

The Last of Us review

Naughty Dog’s apocalyptic epic “The Last of Us” has received huge critical acclaim since it’s release on the PS3 back in 2013. After playing the game to completion, I can see why – it elevates gaming beyond anything else I’ve … Continue reading

Game Review: L.A. Noire

Thinking of picking up L.A. Noire preowned or discounted? Here’s a retrospective review of L.A. Noire, played to completion on the xbox 360 last summer. I am a big fan of Rockstar and their open-world games. GTA IV has taken … Continue reading

Exclusive: Interview with Windows Phone game developer 2 Ton Studios

Stephen Danton runs 2 Ton Studios – creators of some of the most popular and exciting indie games currently available in the Windows Phone marketplace. He develops games in his free time outside of a day job as a User … Continue reading

Buying controllers for the original Xbox

When I bought my Xbox back in January it came with the original chunky controller. It’s a beast, and stories of hand cramp after prolonged sessions are no exaggeration. To make matters worse, the four main buttons are in an … Continue reading

Halo: Combat Evolved review

Reading a review of the first Halo game for the original Xbox in 2011 is probably a bit disorienting. Have you stepped into a ten year timewarp, or is there a more simple explanation? Regrettably, I experienced a lost decade … Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 game prices

Many people who give Windows Phone 7 a try are impressed by the phone’s slick user interface but one area that’s hard to defend is the pricing of Marketplace applications – games in particular. I was holding off blogging about … Continue reading