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A belated update – two wheels better?

They say never start with an apology, so I won’t say sorry for not posting anything for the last three months! I’m not quite sure where the time went and I should really have kept up the rate of articles … Continue reading

The increasing influence of Blitter and Twisted!

On March 10th I published a quick post about the space shuttle Discovery completing it’s final mission. The writing was rushed but one part that took absolutely ages was finding what I thought was an inspiring picture of the shuttle … Continue reading

Morecambe – worth another look

Today we visited Morecambe and it was a surprisingly pleasant experience thanks to the rejuvenated Midland Hotel on the sea front. I first went to see this art deco masterpiece in 2003 when it was still boarded up and surrounded … Continue reading

Amusing sports headlines

It seems the world of sport and certain forenames and surnames throws up some interesting combinations: Stoner on pole for Australian GP – crikey that’s some achievement. I would not like to be riding a bike that quick while laughing … Continue reading

Top 5 Wired articles

1) The Web is dead. Long live the internet – a really interesting analysis of our changing habits in relation to Internet usage. A key point being made is that the web – thought to be universal – is being … Continue reading

Introductory post

Hello and welcome to my new blog. The name Blitter is meant to be a play on blog and twitter, I like twitter but get frustrated by the 140 character limit and wanted something a bit more flexible.¬†Blitter is also … Continue reading