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Fixing British Politics Part 2: Enough of the broken promises

During an election campaign, a political party will set out it’s vision of how the country will be transformed when they get into power. As you would expect, it’s a positive message, containing the political equivalent of palm trees and … Continue reading

Fixing British Politics Part 1: More Referendums, not less

In July 2016 we held a major national referendum on whether to leave or remain in the European Union. This was an political gamble which attempted to settle a lengthy and bitter divide in British politics that was being exploited … Continue reading

2016 – the year where it all caught up with us

This is a post about the political situation in 2016 and it’s root causes. It is written from the perspective of a UK citizen. It’s been a strange year. We have experienced two major political upsets – Brexit and Trump, … Continue reading

Eric Schmidt talks about American political system

Ars Technica is reporting that Google CEO Eric Schmidt has made some interesting comments about the American political system. It confirms what many of us have thought for some time – that democracy in Washington is something of an illusion, … Continue reading