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Nokia Lumia 800 review

Since leaving the world of iOS in February 2010 I’ve not managed to settle in anywhere else. The HD7 I tried first was exciting to begin with but quickly became frustrating due to the lack of decent apps and the … Continue reading

How to fix your Nokia Lumia 800 battery problems

  Update: Nokia has released another update that fully resolves the battery problem, and audio quality issues. As of 4th March, this update is making it’s way out to handsets. It’s best to wait for this update rather than follow … Continue reading

A guide to Android

The Android ecosystem is an unforgiving place. Buying a phone that offers the same ownership experience you get with an iPhone is difficult and requires a lot of luck or some serious research on your part. Many owners end up … Continue reading

Leaving Windows Phone 7 behind

Back in February I upgraded from a dated-feeling iPhone 3G to a htc HD7 running Windows Phone 7. At first, all seemed well – excellent in fact. The OS is fresh, slick and clean looking, and is capable of presenting … Continue reading

Exclusive: Interview with Windows Phone game developer 2 Ton Studios

Stephen Danton runs 2 Ton Studios – creators of some of the most popular and exciting indie games currently available in the Windows Phone marketplace. He develops games in his free time outside of a day job as a User … Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 game prices

Many people who give Windows Phone 7 a try are impressed by the phone’s slick user interface but one area that’s hard to defend is the pricing of Marketplace applications – games in particular. I was holding off blogging about … Continue reading

htc HD7 Windows Phone 7 handset review

The HD7 is a large Windows Phone 7 device with a 4.3in screen. It is one of the original Windows Phone launch devices and in the UK is exclusively available only on O2 – a network which offers no other … Continue reading