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Has Microsoft turned a corner?

Showing off the Windows Phone product range Spend time using the Windows Phone OS and it can be hard to comprehend that it’s a Microsoft product. Not only is it a break from the past, it’s a break from anything else … Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 NoDo update review

Windows Phone users have been desperate to get their hands on the first major update (codenamed NoDo), hoping that it will resolve a number of annoying v1.0 niggles as well as delivering the promised copy/paste feature. NoDo still no go … Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 problems: account management and music playback

Windows Phone is a great smartphone platform and even in it’s first release does quite a few things better than the competition, but things are not perfect by a long way. My previous reviews have already mentioned a couple of … Continue reading

Angry birds on Windows Phone 7

Angry Birds is not on an easy flight path with it’s attempt to catapult itself onto the Windows Phone platform. In promotional material for the WP7 launch Microsoft used the Angry Birds logo and upset developers Rovio – who had not committed to releasing … Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 one month on – followup review

A month has flown by since I got my hands on a htc HD7 running the new Windows Phone 7 OS so I thought it was time to write up my thoughts now that the dust has settled. Highlights The … Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 OS initial review on htc HD7

Last week I was faced with having to decide whether to replace my iPhone 3G with an iPhone 4, or try and live with something else for the next 18 months. I didn’t really consider an Android phone for a … Continue reading

Windows Phone 7 – feeling a little bit sorry for Microsoft

In this post I take a look at how Microsoft are in an unfamiliar position with Windows Phone 7, given their history of releasing products where success was almost guaranteed. Google? Apple? They are the Diet-Coke of evil! People who … Continue reading