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Technology that changed gaming #5: The 3Dfx Voodoo accelerator

This is the first in a series of posts I’ll be writing that pay tribute to the really big hitters of the gaming world – the kind of technology that was so cool or advanced that everybody remembers the first … Continue reading

Microsoft’s operating system strategy – this must be wrong?

Word on tech street this week is that Microsoft is looking to make a significant change with the next release  of Windows and make it available on the ARM processor architecture as well as x86/x64. The original Bloomberg story hints … Continue reading

Limewire – if you strike me down…

That classic old line from Star Wars popped into my head as I read this week’s story about how a new unofficial LimeWire client called LimeWire Pirate Edition has been released to the public. The firm behind the official client … Continue reading

Software design matters #2: The Apollo 11 Moon landing

Kick-started by John F Kennedy’s legendary speech, the Apollo space programme was the incredible story of the efforts of over 400,000 people, all aligned towards achieving the goal of landing a man on the moon. We always remember the massive Saturn … Continue reading

dotcom madness

The dotcom boom is now getting on for ten years ago. Here’s a list of some of the crazier acquisitions and cash burning that took place: set itself up as an online clothing retail site and burned its way … Continue reading

John Sculley interviewed by Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac has a fascinating and surprisingly open interview with John Sculley who was Apple CEO from 1983 to 1993. He was originally brought in because the board felt that Jobs was too young to run the company. It’s … Continue reading

Digg fail

Digg released their iPhone app in March 2010. I installed it and started using it soon after, and really liked it. It was perfect for killing time – you know what it’s like when you’re on public transport or waiting … Continue reading