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Why I don’t post on Facebook any more

According to the ticket stub, it was 15th December 2016 when we went to a Red Hot Chili Peppers gig in Manchester. We met up in town after work, went for some food in the Corn Exchange and then went … Continue reading

iPhone design decisions and poor battery life

At the end of last year, I replaced an iPhone 7 Plus with a OnePlus 5T, after deciding against the iPhone 8 Plus (too similar to justify the upgrade) and the X (not worth the money). While researching this purchase, … Continue reading

Why I fell out with my iPhone in 2017

It has been a fantastic run of 5 years of iPhone ownership, but now I own a OnePlus 5T costing less than half the price of an iPhone X. What happened? In September 2016 I bought a new iPhone 7, … Continue reading

How long will Trump last in office? 3 years at most

Trump has only been in office for a few weeks and people are already wondering how long he will last. Will he resign, be impeached or even assassinated? Or will he defy his critics and last the full two terms … Continue reading